Friday, April 27, 2012

Tympanoplasty Coming This Summer

Finn has to have another surgery this summer.  It absolutely sucks and why we work so hard on keeping him healthy.  Basically the sinus infections he had recently left debris in his ear that cannot get out on its own or with the equipment at the ENT's office.

Since the ENT has to clear what is in his ear anyway, she is going to go ahead and fix the perforation in his ear as well.  The hole makes up 1/4 of his ear drum and it was caused by a non-cancerous tumor that grew in his ear also known as a cholesteatoma.  Skin essentially grew in and around his ear tube and instead of the skin pushing the ear tube out, it formed a tumor.  The ENT removed the tumor last October which is what caused the hole.  She didn't want to repair the hole until he was around 5 because typically kids start outgrowing ENT issues/get healthier at around the age of 5, but since she has to go into that ear anyway, she might as well fix it now.

The procedure is called a Tympanoplasty.  She will make an incision along the back of his ear and take some cartilage and patch the ear drum.  The procedure will take an hour and half to two hours and he will have it at the hospital in lieu of a surgery center.  We will see the ENT again in July before we schedule it.  I don't know too much about it other than that.  Hopefully his hearing will improve in that ear since his hearing has been getting worse. 

The ENT also wants us to get him cultured every time he gets nasal stuff.  The culture always comes back positive for bacteria and of course it is never the normal bacteria.  The last one was a bacteria normally found in GI areas so the thought is he is having reflux again and bacteria is getting up into his sinus cavity.  We don't think he is having reflux often, but we do know he still does occasionally.  It definitely isn't like the old days where he had both vomiting and reflux issues.  We are putting off going back to the GI because frankly, they tell us the same thing every time we go and the next test they will want to do is a PH test and we aren't ready for him to do that.  However, if he starts getting sick again, then we will have no choice.

Not that this week was entirely bad...Finn said "I'm sorry" to Camila clear as day.  He pushed her off the train table after Dan and I caught them both up there dancing.  Poor Camila had just a little fall with lots of  drama.  It was almost worth it to hear Finn say "I'm sorry."  Sorry, Cam - just know you took one for the team :)  We also scoped out a new place to do hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments and did some negotiating on the price and I finally got Finn on the FL medicaid waiver list. 

Hopefully better news next week!  At least we have no doctor apts next week and his sinus related medication has gone from 6 different medicines every day to two medicines.  So looking forward to a break from doctors for a while!  Only well visits and scheduled follow ups please, children :)

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