Monday, April 30, 2012

Finger Puppets

Now that I have children, I really wish I was craftier.  I love making art...I love to paint (although my easel hasn't made it out of the closet in a while), but being craft is different than being artistic. 

I try and do something "crafty" with them every week and it is really making me wish I took Cut and Paste 101 in college.  This week, we are making finger puppets.  These are so darn cute and super easy - you don't need a pattern. 

Essentially all you need is some felt in different colors, a hot glue gun, and wiggly eyes and whatever you think would make them look cute.  I just started cutting the felt in large finger shapes to make sure I would have enough room for my finger to fit inside after I hot glued the edges together and then I simply had the kids help me decorate them.  They aren't "perfect" but they are a hit.

This is great idea for those who are working on isolating the pointer finger in occupational therapy.  Also, make the finger puppets to go along with whatever your children are reading or learning in school to help reinforce what they are learning. 

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