Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sweet Kaleb

Kaleb is one of Finn's new friends.  He also has Partial Trisomy 9.  Kaleb has been in and out of the hospital for a couple of months with fevers and anemia and no one has been able to provide Kaleb's parents answers as to the cause.  Yesterday, Kaleb had blood work come back showing multiple issues and concern that he has leukemia. This morning Kaleb will have a bone marrow sample taken and tested. 

His parents have had a lot of sleepless nights lately and I am hoping they get answers and can start Kaleb on the road to recovery. 

When I look at Kaleb I am reminded of Finn at his age.  The similarities are undeniable.  They could pass for brothers and both have sweet souls and smiles that can brighten anyone's day.  I know a lot of what they have been going through, but this is far above anything we have gone through with Finn.

I'm reminded of how life can change so quickly and of how little is known of Trisomy 9.  When Finn was smaller, his liver was enlarged for unknown reasons and we had to rush him to get blood work and ultrasounds which came back basically fine and in time, his liver went down to normal size.  But while we were waiting for additional testing the research I found showed that there is a correlation between leukemia and other cancers and Trisomy 9.  Even with the human genome and further knowledge of what goes on on each chromosome, there is still not enough research done on people with Trisomy 9. 

My heart goes out to Kaleb's family and to Kaleb.  Please keep them in your prayers and send positive thoughts and warm wishes as they await answers.

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