Monday, April 9, 2012

I Love Shriners!

I love Shriners.  Even more than loving Shriners, I love that my husband took Finn to his last Shriners appointment because Dan is the resident orthotic expert in our house and those appointments are very long.  With two free spirited kids and just me...I lose my patience!

The best news from this appointment is that Finn's feet and ankles have improved so much he no longer needs to wear braces and now only needs shoe inserts!!!  No signs of Kifosis or Scolios yet so that is wonderful news.

We will always have to look out for his joints as they are lose and flexible and we just need to continue making sure he doesn't dislocate anything.

I was looking back on pictures of Finn from a couple of years ago.  His fists were always tightly clenched and when he opened his hands his fingers seemed to go in every direction and could literally hit the back of his hands.  We had a lot of recommendations to splint his hands so he didn't have permanent damage from keeping them in tight fists, but we didn't.  Instead, I would massage his hands open every night and use a hair brush to brush his hands - a great trick I learned from a colleague at work.  Looking at his hands now, you would probably say something is off .  His joints are so loose and hyperflexible and his pinky fingers curve inwards, but at first glance, most people wouldn't even notice.

I'm so pleased to say that a lot of the orthopedic issues are resolved!  We don't need to go back for a solid year!  I'm so excited about that.  I'm so happy for Finn :)

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