Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hydrobaric Oxygen Therapy Done with First 40 Sessions

Dan and I cannot deny that we have seen positive results with the HBOT treatments.  I wish we had an empirical test to prove it rather than just our personal observations, but nonetheless, we are seeing Finn do things and hearing him say things that encourage us about his future.  We got his quarterly progress report from school the other day brought me to tears.  They talk about the substantial improvement in his new words, his repeating words, and his receptive language. When Finn started school in September, he didn't say anything (even though he had a few words at home).  Slowly, he was prompted to say "hi," "bye," and "yeah."  Now, he is trying to repeat everything and he uses multiple spontaneous words.

The oxygen will stay in his cells and continue working for a couple of months and then we will need to start treatments again.  We are now doing research into buying our own chamber.  Driving Finn to St. Petersburg 80 plus days a year is just out of the question and the cost to rent a machine or to pay for individual treatments is outrageous! 

I think Finn is going to miss going to Chamber of Hope.  He met some friends and was a good helper.  I think he actually liked getting in the chamber and knew within a few minutes of when his session was over.  I think he brightened up all of the volunteers days as well.

We are trying to figure out how we can help Chamber of Hope in a large way.  You listen to the stories of the children and adults that have benefited from HBOT and its amazing!  Chamber of Hope will take basically anyone for free treatment without question.

I am so grateful that we found this place and that it has helped Finnley.  My parents were just here visiting and Finnley said "Hi Grandpa" for the first time.  He got excited about the Easter Bunny coming this year as he and Camila walked around the house with bunny ears saying "bunny."  He isn't speaking sentences, but we know he will!  

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