Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Mirt" and "By"

What a strange wake up at 4 am with your child standing by your bed shouting "Mommy" "Mirt"  I woke up very confused and figured I must be dreaming.  But sure enough, Finn was standing right there asking me for milk in his not so inside voice.

He pulled my hand, led me into the kitchen, devoured a glass of Almond milk and then asked me for a "by" aka "bar" as in granola bar.  I gave him a granola bar and he led me back to my bed and he crawled in next to my husband and fell right back to sleep still holding on to the uneaten bar.

I couldn't help but smile and chuckle to myself.  Finn has never come down the stairs by himself in the middle of the night.  Not only that, he found me and and then verbally ask for something specific that he wanted.

Long gone are the days of him waking up every 20 minutes and having to put him back to sleep via rocking or holding.  Long gone are the days of spending the night by his side knowing you were not going to sleep at all, but that as okay as long as you heard him breathing well.  Gone are the days of wondering if he was ever going to walk.  Gone are the days of being scared to give him something to eat or drink because he chokes and aspirates.  Gone are the days of wondering if he will be able to say anything at all when you just want to hear "mommy" so badly.  



  1. so amazing to read this! we love you guys!

  2. I tried to write the other day after I read this but it didnt go through...I loved this post too! I love them all, but this one was really special!