Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where to Get Your Child's Bloodwork

Finn has to have blood work quite frequently.  It is not as frequent as in the past, but still frequently enough for any three year old!

We have been through it all with blood work.  Finn has been so inflamed with eczema that they couldn't find his veins.  We have had other situations where they tried both arms, both feet, and both hands.  That was enough to bring any mother to tears even when her child wasn't crying.  Finn has even had blood work done when he was put to sleep for surgery and they still had a tough time getting the blood out at the hospital.

Luckily for me - Finn doesn't seem to mind getting blood work done.  We originally thought his pain tolerance was astronomoically high, but turns out his brain processes pain differently or I should say is slow to process the pain so he rarely cries.

Most doctors have told us to go to All Children's or St. Joes where they deal with children all day long, but I got to tell you, we have had really bad experiences at both of those places -not to say they don't get it right most of the time.

We have had 100% positive experience at the Quest lab on Sheldon near Westchase.  Sure, they can be slow even if  you have an appointment and the lady at the front is not always super pleasant.  But when it comes to getting the blood on the first try and making the actual blood drawing experience as pleasant as possible - Aida is your woman.  She has never missed, never leaves bruises and is just a fun lady to deal with.  She could totally be Cheech and Chong's sister so don't let her exterior fool you.  She is kind and awesome.

You can make an appointment or just walk in to this location. Quest Diagnostics Website

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