Monday, February 27, 2012

Half Way Through HBOT!

We are officially into our last half of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments!  Finn has been doing such a great job although he will not tolerate the oxygen tube up his nose.  He is still getting benefits even without the tube. 

I cannot wait until the treatments are over.  It has been a challenging four weeks of picking Finn up from school early and dropping him off at Dan's work and then Dan takes him down to St Pete every night.  Driving back from St. Pete in rush hour traffic can take more than two hours - yuck!  I hate keeping the little guy cooped up for 4-5 hours a day but I think we have already seen some benefits!

For example, this morning Finn woke up, came down the stairs on his own and asked me to "eat" by both signing and verbalizing!  This is only the second time (the first time was last week) that Finn has actually
requested to eat. 

He has also said at least 13 new words in the past 3 weeks.  That is about a 20% increase in spontaneous words.  He has been telling me before he goes "poo poo" even though I still can't get him to on the potty.  He also acknowledges he is wet when I change him.

He has lots of self help skills at school and one of them is feeding.  He is making huge progress in feeding himself.  He fed himself a bowl of applesauce with a spoon with no help and managed to keep his shirt clean!  

The other huge thing is I told Finn that we could go outside if he could find his missing shoe.  He ran upstairs, ran down the hall to the playroom, and ran back to the top of the stairs smiling carrying his shoe!  So proud of him!  

In addition, soccer went much better this past Saturday.  He actually stayed on the field for his alotted time in the first half.  The coach helped tremendously and Finn even kicked the ball twice and clapped for his team!  He did make it down to the playground the second half and had no desire to go on the field, but what an improvement over the previous week!!!

So, I cannot say for sure that the HBOT treatments caused the positive results above, but they definitely are not hurting.  If we continue to see improvements, we will most likely buy an oxygen chamber for home.  The treatments he is receiving are free via Chamber of Hope.

Finn's #47 below :)

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