Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finn and Soccer

So, we signed Finn up for co-ed soccer for three and four year old's.  We have a few friends with children on the same team and we thought it would be a great idea to introduce Finn to a team sport.  He had his first practice and game last Saturday.  I was exhausted in the first few minutes and in tears before long.

Finn is easily distracted.  Actually more than easily distracted.  He enjoys being around other kids and he is typically more interested in what they are doing than anything else.  On top of that, he is a wanderer.

Practice went ok.  Either Dan or I hung stayed by Finn's side and kept him with his team.  He kicked the ball a few times, but was mostly interested in holding hands with the other teammates.  This was all expected.

Then came time for the game.  Keeping Finn on the bench when it was not his turn to play was a challenge.  Especially, since we had Camila, our 15 month old, with us as well.  One of us was chasing Camila and one of us was holding Finn on the bench.  Then it was Finn's time to get in the game.  He immediately ran off the field and headed for the playground.  We took turns picking him up and putting him back on the field, but at this point, I think we were both exhausted and told the coach to put someone else in.

Finn really wanted to go to the playground and even though he "should have" stayed with his team while they were still playing the game, sometimes you just can't physically or emotionally make him do what he "should" be doing especially when you are already feel like you ran a marathon.  So Finn got to swing while the others continued the game.  Dan brought him back in time for the very end and he was so excited to get a juice box!!!  

It was clear to me that signing him up for soccer was a bad idea.  I tried to keep the tears in as I watched the other kids running around and talking to one another.  When we got home, Dan said he was really glad we signed Finn up.  I was actually surprised to hear him say this.  I was glad he said it because even if Finn never actually plays soccer, he is learning, he is being exposed to the sport, and he is playing with the other kids.  Then to confirm it was the right decision, Finn pointed to his jersey yesterday and was adamant about wearing it to school and then he brought me the soccer ball and we kicked it around for a bit.  These are the joys of being a parent of a child with special needs especially considering Finn just learned to "kick" this year.

We hadn't really told his coach anything about Finn before it started other than when I signed him up I wrote that he has developmental delays.  Dan let the coach know and the coach wanted to get Finn involved as much as Finn wants to be involved.  So, this Saturday, I have a feeling Finn will be doing lots of penalty kicks and throwing in the ball when it goes out of bounds.


  1. Hi,

    My 2 sons played soccer, one for 1 season and the other for 2 seasons. Their goal was to head also to the playground. One of them was the goaler, but he never followed the game; he was to busy looking for a perfect clover! Keep smiling, you are beautiful. Johane