Friday, February 10, 2012

A Good Week for Finn

This week has been a great week for Finn.  Finn said two new words spontaneously - "friend" and "don't."  This may not sound like a big deal to a lot of parents, but we really celebrate these moments.  We are lucky if we hear one new "spontaneous" word a month so two in the same week is huge!


In addition, Finn actually walked with me from the school to the car 3 days this week without me having to chase him.  This is a safety skill we have been working on and most days I am exhausted by the time I get to the car from the school entrance.  It seems silly to me to go through all of the trouble of getting the double stroller in the trunk, pulling it out of the trunk, walking it 50 feet to the school entrance, struggling to get it through the door and then repeat to the car when I have two children that are capable of walking that distance.

When I have tried having them walk holding my hands in the past, I usually end up carrying one of them on each hip and then I throw Camila in the carseat and shut the door while I straddle Finn with my legs so he can't run wild and then I run over and buckle Finn in his carseat and then back to the other side to buckle Camila in.  Seems like a lot of work!  So, it is nothing short of a miracle that Finn walked right by my side to the car and stayed at my side while I buckled Camila in.

He is tolerating the HBOT treatments very well.  I think he likes going and getting some one on one time with daddy.  They have a large dog that hangs out at the facility.  Finn and Camila both love dogs, but Finn has always been more of a dog lover from afar and he gets very nervous as the dogs get closer whereas Camila will pull ears, tails, and whatever she can grab while giggling like crazy.  Finn apparently feels very comfortable with this dog and will go right up to him and pet him and he loves holding on to his leash.

Lastly, his teacher called me and we made changes to his IEP this week with the goal to get more one on one services for Finn to really work on PECS and signing.  He gets one on one speech, physical therapy, deaf/hard of hearing, and occupational therapy every week, but he could use more just like most of the kids in his class.  I hope we are able to get Finn some more individualized support in the class room.

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