Monday, March 5, 2012


Parenting Magazine has a really good article in its March 2012 issue.  It is tucked away on page 44 and titled "Group Hug" by Margaret Hargrove.

The article talks about how families benefit from volunteering together as a family and specifically talks about helping those with special needs.  It goes on to talk about how volunteering with organizations such as Special Olympics, Easter Seals, or the Miracle League help the "typical" children see that disabled children, not as different, but as their friends.   

You can check out ways to volunteer as a family at

I have been meaning to contact some of the local high schools around here because I am certain that students that are "Junior Beta" or "Beta" need volunteer hours.  My mom suggested this the last time she was in town because of my struggle at dinner time.  I am trying to teach both of my children to eat using their utensils, drink from an open cup, and make it through meal time without 95% of the food on the floor.  Dan typically isn't home from work when the children are hungry so its tough with just me.  In addition, I would love to be using this time to focus in on PECS with Finn.  What a wonderful idea to get a student to come to the house and volunteer to help the children with eating or help Finn with PECS.  If anyone knows of anyone that needs community service hours, let me know. 

I have been interested in getting Finn involved with the Special Olympics some time now and it turns out a mother of a player on Finn's soccer team helps oversee the Young Athletes program for our county.  She did say they are in dire need of volunteers.  I am looking forward to getting Finn signed up.  Although I believe the age they can start to compete is 6, he can start learning basic skills that coincide with what he is doing in therapy: kicking, balancing, walking across different terrain, etc.

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