Monday, March 12, 2012

Summer, Sleep and Ice Cream!

I love summer...I know technically its Spring time, but I already have summer on the brain.  I love living in Florida during the summer even though it is hot!  I love the heat, I love driving with the windows down, I love summer time feel good music, and I love summer time ales!  I love going to the beach and being outside at all of the wonderful parks Florida has.  We got an early taste of summer last week and over the weekend. 

Our pool got warm enough (thanks to the heater) and the kids swam all week and weekend long.  I love that both kids can now swim "independently" with their puddle jumpers on.  We still have to pay close attention but it is nice to have two arms free!  The best thing about the kids swimming is that they both sleep through the night!  For 3 1/2 years we have had at least one kid up in the middle of the night until last week.  We got three nights of uninterrupted sleep!!!  Well, it would have been uninterrupted if my body wasn't trained to get up every couple of hours and listen for the kids.

We also went to Busch Gardens yesterday.  The kids love Busch Gardens.  Finn is obsessed with the train and we couldn't have either ridden it or watched it all day.  The most exciting thing about this trip to Busch Gardens is that Finn is finally (well sort of) tall enough to ride the Air Grover Roller Coaster (technically you have to be 38 inches and he 37 but add his shoes and poof his hair up and he is really close to 38).  He was so excited to get on the roller coaster and I sat with him up front.  He was holding his hands up and saying wee until the roller coaster started and then I think he got really freaked out.  I mean, it is a little roller coaster, but it is a real roller coaster and it goes fast!  At the end, Finn's face was crumpled up and he was either saying "done" or "again."  I'm not sure because he was repeating it so fast.  We got off the roller coaster and he hung around it pointing at it for some time and then he dragged Dan back to it, they got seated and as soon as the lady came and tightened the lap bar, Finn freaked a little and they got off.  I'm still impressed he rode it the first time!

He and Camila also drove the car around for the first time.  I've been worried about letting Finn do these independent rides because he doesn't always follow instructions, but he did a GREAT job!!!

Lastly, one of the things I love most about summer is ice cream!  I fell in love with my husband when he took me to get ice cream for breakfast on one of our first dates.  I mean how awesome is know you have reached adulthood when you can eat ice cream any time of the day.

So, we usually buy Finn allergy free ice cream - So Delicious makes an awesome soy free, dairy free, peanut free, and gluten free ice cream.  It is really yummy, but what I love to do is make our own allergy free ice cream:

1/2 Cup of Allergy Free Milk (we use vanilla flavored almond milk (unsweetened)
1 tbsp sugar
ice cubes
1 quart sized zip lock bag
1 gallon sized zip lock bag

All you do is put the milk with the sugar (and you can add syrup here if you want for different flavors) in the quart size bag and zip it tight.  Then put that bag in the gallon size bag.  Add a bunch of ice cubes and salt and close the gallon size bag.  Shake the bag for about 5 minutes.  You may want to wear oven mitts.  Just like that you have ice cream.  The kids like to add Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips.  The ice cream is really good and you can let the kids shake the bag if they are old enough and don't lose interest.  I love being in control of what goes into my kids' food.

Here are some pics from this weekend:

Finn and Camila driving at Busch Gardens

Finn loves his "Na Na."  She doesn't seem to mind him holding her hand when she is passed out after a long day!

Finn in the center of it all during the soccer game.

Finn admiring his medal he earned for trying real hard this week!

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  1. Love all your posts Brooke! But this one makes me want to pack up and move back to FL, right now. These pictures are the best!