Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kiddy Up!

I've received more than a few complaints for not updating Finn's blog.  So....

This summer has been great, but busy.  With both kids home, I have hardly a moment to catch my breath.  Finn has something going on every day of the week...therapy, allergy shots, swim lessons, and doctor apts.  Both kids have become awesome swimmers and grateful for Florida living with a pool in our backyard we use everyday.  I'm trying to take advantage of all the time I have with them this summer as I will return to work later this month.

We had a bit of a health scare this summer with Finn's heart, but he got discharged from cardiology (again) last month.  His language continues to develop and he sometimes seems to be speaking in long paragraphs, but we may only catch a few words.  His vocabulary is increasing, he is asking where and what question,s and his articulation is improving. 

But...what I am most excited about is how he is responding to equine therapy.  Finn started horse therapy at the beginning of July going once a week for an hour at a time.  He went to a wee- long horse camp at the end of July and cried each day upon seeing me arrive to pick him up in the afternoons.  There is no question he had a blast as he repeatedly said "turn around" and "horsey again" the whole way home.

Horse therapy works like this: a therapist works with Finn to groom the horse.  The brushes are all different sizes, textures, and colors and he is learning about direction (brush left to right and son on) and body parts as he bonds with the horse.  After Finn is helped onto the horse, they may stay stationary and paint the horse...yes actually paint the horse.  Or Finn may tell the horse to "walk on" as they start their way through the ranch.

While Finn is on the horse,  he plays catch, basketball, stretches and reaches to work his core and balance.  He works on numbers, colors, and letters.  He searched for eggs the other day that were strategically placed in low lying tree branches.

Kiddy Up Ranch follows the horseboy method.  In additon, they incorporate Finn's individualized education plan from school and other speech therapy plans, etc into Finn's horse therapy lesson plans.  I am so glad we found this place.   It's not like many others that say they have horse therapy and charge you an insane amount to walk in a circle for 15 minutes.  They cost is only $30 for an hour session and the therapists and
 volunteers love these kids like their own.

Also at the ranch is a small petting area with Finn's favorite character, Mickey the donkey.  Mickey is just Finnley's size and I they formed a bond rather quickly.  Finnley likes to give hugs and Mickey likes to recive them.  Finn likes to feed Mickey and Mickey likes to eat.  Finnley likes to open the gate and Mickey likes to escape...a partnership for the ages.

The first session, Finn did not want to put on his helmet and was weary to get on the horse.  But now, Finn walks into the stable like he owns the place and pets the horses and even kisses them without hesitation.  It is amazing to see his confidence increase in such a short period of time.  There are some people and things that I knew instantly would have a profound positive effect on Finn and equine therapy is one of them. 

P.S. If anyone has any good ideas for keeping glasses on a toddler who defiantly doesn't not want to wear them, please e-mail me!!!


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