Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Angel Tommy

I can't say I know Luan well.  I've never even talked to her in person.  I met Luan on the Chromosome 9 support group. I know she lives in England.  I know she just went through something that no mother ever wants to go through.   

Luan first joined the support group when she found out the baby she was carrying had Trisomy 9 (like Finn).  The doctors and nurses were encouraging her to abort the baby without actually saying "abort the baby."  Luan did not abort the baby and remained positive while getting attitude from doctors.  She gave her baby a safe, warm place to develop.  Luan frequently posted updates on the support group message board.  All of the moms of children like hers from across the globe gave her unconditional support.  They shared postive messages about how their own children have overcome obstacles.  I think we all felt we were with her on her journey - I know I did.

On Monday, Luan gave birth to Tommy, a little boy that looked so much like Finn, and shortly after, he passed on. We all understood the odds that the doctors gave Luan for the baby's survival, but we all hoped they were wrong.  Doctors have been wrong so many times with Finn that I didn't even consider the possibility that they would be right in Luan and Tommy's case. 

Luan is an amazing mom.  She gave birth to a beautiful boy that forever changed her life and all of ours on the support group website.

Thank you, Luan for joining the support group.  I hope you continue to keep in touch with us and know that many people will always remember you and Tommy.

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