Thursday, June 14, 2012

Update on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Sessions

Finn is through 1/3 of his treatments!  It has been 7 consecutive days and he has received 14 - 1.5 hour treatments.  I must admit, I have no idea what day it is as everything is starting to blur together.

Finn is doing such a great job in the chamber.  He is tolerating the "helmet" amazingly.  We had a little bit of an issue in the first couple of treatments because he can't get his thumb to his mouth, but he hasn't even tried to get it in there for the last couple of days.

His ears are doing fine with the pressure.  Because he has a perforation in one ear and a tube in the other, we don't even need to worry about them popping.

The hardest right now is finding things to do inside during our 2 hour break.  It is way too hot out right now to do anything outside for a long period of time even though there are lots of outdoor things to do there.  He is also supposed to relax and take it easy as moving makes oxygen escape your body quicker.  We have found a couple of things to do though:

  • Bowling
  • Indoor McDonalds Play Area
  • Shopping
  • Sprayground
  • Train Museum
So, I guess the big question is have we seen any improvements in Finn?  Typically, most people do not see any noticeable changes until you get to the end of the 40 treatments and in the couple of weeks afterwards, but we are already seeing changes.  Finn has started to sweat.  He is officially sweating.  His back, his arms, his hands, his legs, and his feet are all sweating.  This will be amazing if he can continue to cool his own body and release toxins and impurities this way.

We are also seeing a quicker reaction time and response time from him.  Not only that, he has slept through the night every night since we have started and taken good naps.  Now, it could be that the long days are what is helping him sleep, but the increased oxygen is also known to help as well.  I will keep everyone posted with any additional changes we see.  I already believe the treatments are well worth the money and the time.

Here are some pictures.  He isn't wearing the full helmet in these pictures, but you get the idea.  He LOVES the spiderman scrubs by the way!


  1. look at him!!! He looks like a little man with his haircut!!! Cute pic!

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