Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Isn't it Always the Little Things?

Some times those little things aren't so little...sometimes they are enormous.  Yesterday, out of no where, Finn said "Where daddy go?"  He then said, "I want daddy."  He was clear as day and I sat there shocked with tears streaming down my face.

I tried to get him to repeat, but he had moved on to wanting his "hoo-hoos" aka shoes.  It was tough to go to sleep last night.  I was beaming brighter than the sun!

This morning, on the way to get his hearing aid molds done, he said "I want more."  It sounded more like "I unt morey" but I knew what he meant - he had just finished some potato sticks (yes potato sticks at 8:00am).  Yay!!!

When you child is given a such a rare diagnosis, you have to take everything doctors tell you with a grain of salt and understand that you can still push your child to be everything he or she can be.  Children with Finn's syndromes have such varying issues - both medical and developmental.  Just like with any "typical" child, you cannot compare one child with a syndrome to another with the same syndrome.

We have gotten excited over so many "little things" in the past from Finn pointing his index finger, to chewing food, to throwing a tantrum, to drawing a straight line on a piece of paper, and I just know we will be having many more celebrations.

Don't let words get in the way of you providing all that you can provide for your child.  Don't listen when someone wants to tell you what your child's potential is.

Our house is a wreck. I'm exhausted and live off of caffeine and vitamins.  I quit a great paying career.  I go to bed with my voice hoarse at night from talking so much trying to get Finn to repeat after me.  We have medical bills the size of mortgage payments (sometimes multiple mortgage payments) every month.  And all of it is worth it to watch your children progress and learn something new every day.  The other stuff doesn't matter at all, spending time with my beautiful family and sharing these amazing experiences is what life is all about.

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