Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa Bay!

I used to think Shriners was a silly organization filled with silly men wearing silly hats begging for my money.  That all changed about 2 years ago.  We are so lucky to have a Shriners hopsital right here in Tampa Bay.  For those of you that have needed to use it, you know what I mean.  Shriners is AMAZING!

The hospital in Tampa near the University of Florida is devoted to Orthopedics and Neuromuscular conditions.  They do everything there from surgery to outpatient x-rays, exams, follow ups and prosthetics. 

We take Finn there to have his spine and hips x-rayed annually and for his his feet issues.  Finn has gone through 4 sets of braces for his legs and feet.  He started with Sure Steps a brand of SMOs then AFOs then AFOs with hinges and now he is back to SMOs.  Braces are so expensive and Shriners does not charge the families no matter what your income is.  It is a small miracle that they are here in Tampa. 

The doctors, nurse practitioners, and prosthetics team are wonderful.  We hadn't even thought about taking Finn there until his physical therapist recommended us doing so as a second opinion.  We have been going there ever since and haven't looked back. 

You do not need a referral to go to Shriners.  You do not need insurance.

I will warn you that your appointment will be long.  You will see a team of people and you can ask for multiple opinions if you do not agree.  You can go back as often as needed to get adjustments on the braces/orthotics.

Shriners wants you to visit them and it is free of charge to you. 

To contact Shriners:
Shriners Hospitals for Children® — Tampa
12502 Pine Drive
Tampa, FL 33612
Telephone: 813-972-2250
Fax: 813-975-7125

Check out there website for more info at Shriners Hospitals for Children at

You can also donate to Shriners or collect pull tabs for Shriners.  If you are interested in collecting pull tabs, let me know.

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